It’s Lenny’s Disco

Shortly, I’ll stop banging on about disco and Fingerman, but I have to post this. Lenny’s Disco a storming edit of a favourite disco track – for the life of me I can’t place the original artist (holler if you know). This is just pure joyful disco that should move your feet and put a huge smile on your face. Buy

But, its not the first time I’ve gone dippy for this tune. Back on March 2o10 Lovebirds sampled it in their tune Dancin‘. I recall many moments on the dancefloor to this, and a specific moment at Ink club in Auckland when Roger Perry played it – with great friends and funny times.

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Settle in for 5 hours of funk

FGEBrighton-based DJ/producer Fingerman has been consistently turning out funky, tight edits and original tracks of late. And for me (note: this is a lofty claim) edges out Late Nite Tuff Guy as my favourite of 2013. The man has funk and soul in massive doses as evidenced by this incredible 5-hour journey. Tune after tune.

Did I say I’m catching him play in Brighton on my birthday on 26 August alongside Late Nite Tuff Guy, Greg Wilson and Pablo Contraband? Gonna be epic.

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Boy George and The Dharma Protocol – Coming Home

Boy George huh? He’s tenacious, mouthy, political, fun and talented.  Here’s something new from him and The Dharma Protocol, which is Culture Club’s Mikey Craig, Moto Blanco’s Danny Harrison and The Orb’s Youth. “Coming Home is about returning to who you really are as a person,” George says in a statement. “Some people grow further away from themselves as they get older, while others like me become who they are meant to be. Right now I feel very comfortable in my skin.” Amen to that, I say. This is the Psychemagik remix – smooth and sexy. Buy.

For your info, Dharma is the Law that “upholds, supports or maintains the regulatory order of the universe”.  Lost fans may recall the Dharma Initiative, a fictional research project whose interests were directly connected with fringe science.

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Samba into summer

Todd Terje returns with yet another glorious wedge of summer dance music. This time he’s wiggled into Samba territory with Strandbar. There’s  a couple of mixes and its the (samba) that does it for me…all wiggly until 3.00 when the piano drops, then the claps and not-perfect house chords, plus the squiggly electronics and build up. Magic.

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Jessie Ware – this is proper good

After falling deeply for Running last year, Jessie Ware’s album underwhelmed me. It was too nice and lacked edge. Sorry to the gazzilion bloggers who loved it. Now this new track has emerged ‘Imagine it was us’. Gorgeous, sexy and perfect for this spring day.

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Todd Terje/Lindstrom “Lanzarote”

Y’all know I love me some disco. Following last years (still) impeccable Inspector Norse, comes this collaboration with Lindstrom.  Deliberately not shying from major chords, this initially sounded a bit cheesy, but repeated listens and within a digital disco mix, it’s pure 2013 heaven. Retro, forward, bouncing, camp, brilliant.

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It’s the Superfly Guy: Mark Moore

ImageIt was a welcome surprise to come across Mark Moore’s site. He’s some exciting stuff happening including an album of remixes and covers of S’Express tracks for the 25th Anniversary Of S’Express. Definitely looking forward to that.

Plus a cheeky wee free download of ‘Trumpets

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