VF Mix 113: Donna Summer by The Golden Filter

To quote Vinyl Factory “Golden Filter have put together a stirring 70-minute tribute to disco legend Donna Summer, capturing those contrasts between the rugged and the sensual, the restrained and the liberated, that turned Summer into one of the most irresistible icons of the 20th century.”

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3 Responses to VF Mix 113: Donna Summer by The Golden Filter

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  3. When I first read mention in Back2Stonewall’s Newsletter just over a year ago that Donna Summer’s widower was attempting to produce a Broadway musical about the iconic multiple personality diva who, while alive, I could waffle emotions from love to hate. I am not a theater fan (freebie’s to see original ‘Angels in America’ were an exception), and abhor musicals. But I love Disco. Especially long play heavily orchestrated epics. ‘Love Trilogy’ was the perfect follow-up to the debut of Donna Summer’s ‘Love to Love you Baby’. It was 1976, I was a freshman at Stony Brook University, stripping and hustling at the Gaiety Male Burlesque in Times Square while being mentored by street savvy co-workers on drugs and underground clubs. I always thought ‘Once Upon a Time’ would translate well into a rock opera. ‘I Feel Love’ is the only Disco song to make Billboard’s top 100 records of ALL TIME! I loved my early Donna Summer. I even hung a banner over the forgettable judge’s name plaque my dorm was historically named for with ‘Donna Summer College’,with no flack from my disco curious co-eds at Stony Brook. Within a few years, I fell out of favor for young daring Donna trusting her mentor Giorgio Moroder, to follow his lead. “I Remember Yesterday” was a confusing mess. And then the Jet Magazine interview revealing her true feelings for her loyal gay fans. Last year, when I read the piece on her husband’s attempt to produce a musical tribute to his deceased wife who was in the category of Evita Perrone as dear and demonic, I thought it was a sweet gesture, but who would finance a musical featuring Disco that Broadway has never been kind to. I wrote my original thoughts on the project May16, 2017, motivated by the forever haunting memory that Donna Summer died on my birthday, May 17. I did not share my suspicion that her husband’s production would EVER come to fruition in last year’s blog, but left with a metaphor from “MacArthur’s Park”, leaving the cake out in the rain. One year later, and I am dumb struck and excited that not only did Mr.Summer’s pull it off, but cast 2 talented past Tony winners as the older Donnas, and my delight in hearing the young Donna, the one I loved, is nominated for a Tony, and she’s gay(?) It did not bomb as some would suspect; it’s a hit. I am happy to be wrong. I’ll skip the show, but I’ll give the soundtrack a listen. I wrote about my overextended obsession with dancing both recreationally&professionally from 1976-2004 in the best clubs in NYC,until I crashed&burned from the excesses of the lifestyle.Homo GoGo Man: a fairytale about a boy who grew up in discoland. Christopher Duquette xristo_pherre@hotmail.com 845 337 7048

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