Frankie Knuckles & Rosie Gaines

RosieHere’s a treat. A couple of weeks ago, while strolling through the virtual record store that is Soundcloud, I came across a few tunes that Frankie Knuckles had posted from the ‘vaults’. I’m a massive fan of his earlier work – the stuff from the 90’s is still defining in my opinion. His work on Toni BraxtonMJ Rock With You,  a beautiful Inner City remix, Alison Limerick’s anthem and well, everyone… and  solo work like ‘Rain Falls‘, ‘Whistle Song’, and the sumptuous ‘Keep on Movin‘ (La Familia Mix) from 2001, gets me everytime. More recently, with the exception of ‘Blind’,  his remixes have not moved me,  I’ve found them too safe and nice but still quality.

Rosie Gaines ‘Closer Than Close’ (FK Late Nite Reprise). This remains a stone cold classic and this mix probably tops them all. Deep, raw and sassy house. Rosie started off with Prince and performed and wrote on the Diamonds and Pearls album – my favourite wee-purple-man album.

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1 Response to Frankie Knuckles & Rosie Gaines

  1. John says:

    I’m actually enjoying the FK resurgence. He’s put out records himself as well as mixes with and without Eric Kupper, including Hurts’ “Blind.” But this remix is just sublime.

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