Boy George and The Dharma Protocol – Coming Home

Boy George huh? He’s tenacious, mouthy, political, fun and talented.  Here’s something new from him and The Dharma Protocol, which is Culture Club’s Mikey Craig, Moto Blanco’s Danny Harrison and The Orb’s Youth. “Coming Home is about returning to who you really are as a person,” George says in a statement. “Some people grow further away from themselves as they get older, while others like me become who they are meant to be. Right now I feel very comfortable in my skin.” Amen to that, I say. This is the Psychemagik remix – smooth and sexy. Buy.

For your info, Dharma is the Law that “upholds, supports or maintains the regulatory order of the universe”.  Lost fans may recall the Dharma Initiative, a fictional research project whose interests were directly connected with fringe science.

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