Long live house


If the words Au Seve mean nothing to you, there’s probably not much point in reading on. Otherwise, here’s a typically Vice-like article about the current house revival.

Who’s going to kill it off? I’m not sure, but I do think it has risen as fast as hipsters jean length and is presenting all kinds of interesting sounds like a pair of wild striped socks. Given how deep house is so hot right now in clubs and in everyone’s mixes, I guess the kids’ interest will wane and it will burn out. Of course, real house music has been around for 25 years and continues to evolve and deliver some incredible music, be it deep, jazzy, techy, afro, soulful or disco.

And I agree with the article – house is best a small, sweaty, dark basement club with  the right people. Not a stadium, not an outdoor festival, not in H&M, not with topless dancers on podiums, not with ‘amazing production’.

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