Back with some new music

Slap my old white arse for being away from music blogging for so long.  Competing priorities I guess, but the good news is that I have far from lost my mojo for new music. In fact, I’m as obsessed as ever – and passionate about going to DJ gigs to hear fresh sounds on solid sound systems.  That’s London for ya.

I remember when I first started this blog I thought I had to upload and share (for free) the tunes I loved, as a way of giving back something. Now, I wonder where that notion came from as you’re smart enough to buy your own music – or find it where you will.  I’m still old school and like the convenience of browsing an online store, tossing them into my cart and speeding through the checkout with the quality (320 or WAV) I want.  It’s still for me and sometimes . I look for new sounds, those that move genres forward or add something fresh. There’s a lot of same-sounding music out there.  I’ll post the tunes that I love, and the odd podcast.

Let’s jump into some tunes that are on repeat for me:

Only Children “Whatever Makes U”  (Razor N Tape) Buy

Hailing from Chicago, Only Children are about house, funk, robofunk, tropical, and disco. This new tune’s got classic house piano, rubbery bassline and just enough bounce.

Flip it over for “Falling” a rerub of Surface’s 1983 Salsoul song Falling in Love, with cut-up vocals and the very-2012-but-so-80s, rubber bassline.  Tracks like this make the mid 80s US synth sound quite palatable. Where did I put that Total Contrast album.

Francis Inferno Orchestra “Astral Breeze”
  (FINA) buy

James Griffin from Melbourne is a producer I’ve whittered on about previously. For the first four minutes we’re in moody deep house territory, then the house piano arrives to lift it, and at five minutes we’re proper dancing. This is exactly the kind of tune that would make me grin madly early on in a set.


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  1. Good to see you back..

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