A disco celebration

Here’s a new mix that celebrates the funk, the groove and the boogie. It’s a weekend of celebration in the UK.

There’s a few tunes you’ll know and some you won’t – plus it finishes with a new disco classic “We Could Fly”.

Click your mouse here to listen or download.


1. Debonair “Why”
2. Loca Loca “Hey Mr. DJ”
3. Disco Deviance “Night Dancing” (Dicky Trisco Edit)
4. Toto “Georgy Porgy” (Satin Jackets Edit)
5. Boogie Culture “Montana”
6. Disco Deviance “High Speed Connection” (Pete Herbert Edit)
7. Spirit Catcher “Rendezvous”
8. Sister Sledge “Greatest Dancer” (Daz Digs Edit)
9. Sunday Night Fevers “Disco Rocket” (Pete Herbert Edit)
10. Change “Holiday” (LNTG Edit)
11. Sunday Night Fevers “Jump on the Floor” (Pete Herbert Edit)
12. S.O.S. Band “Let’s Do It” (LNTG Edit)
13. Sam Sparro “We Could Fly”

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