Day 3 @ Southport

Sunday funday arrived too soon but there was plenty to see and experience yet. We were back in the Powerhouse by 2.30 for the brilliant Souldynamic duo – bouncing uplifting house with several vodkas. They handed over to Josh Milan from Blaze who dazzled me with his energy and keyboard skills. Natasha Watts up next followed by the (her phrase) ‘queen of gospel energy’ Dawn Tallman. They got together for a cover of Sounds of Blackness’ “Optimistic” – joyous.
Phil Asher then took us into The Brand New Heavies. They trotted out all the hits – there’s plenty of em. Tight, funky and soulful.
To round of the afternoon at 6pm Karizma again – he whipped the room into a bloody frenzy with classics – Bill Withers ( a massive golden lit every hands in the air moment), Imagination, Space Cowboy. I have even more respect for him now.

Time for bangers and mash and a sleep before the after party. Only 3000 people could stay so it was comfy. Anthony Nicholson dropped some Chicago house but it wasn’t quite the energy we needed. The Dome was going off and we spent an hour or so amongst the crowd. Banging it were. Jan had said we mustn’t miss Atjazz and she was right. His performance and connection with what he was playing were something to behold. He played air guitar, air piano exactly the keys at the right time. I’ve not seen a DJ feel it that much – plus all new music to me. The love and respect in the room was immense. A highlight.

So there you have it. All the hype was matched, and it’s been a defining weekend with the bar lifted for every other gig now. Literally everyone is there for the music, a very educated crowd, everyone danced all the time and had the best time they could.

To wrap up here’s a few random things from the weekend:
The guy with the big Willy Wonka tattoo.
Playing Air triangle a lot.
Taking the piss with air saxophone.
Some crazy Experimental music.
The Dome – the perfect space.
Baby powder on the floor.
People dancing with cups of tea on the dancefloor.
High fives all the time.
Hugs and smiles.
Everyone seems like a friend by day 3.
Forraging for bottled water.
Too much chewing gum.
Stepping on people’s toes a lot.
Sunshine for 3 days.
Chasing geese up the path at 3am.
Kerri Chandler everywhere.
Famous DJs just hanging out at the party and having pics taken.
A record fair.
Sticky floors from spilled drinks.
Forgetting to buy a t shirt (damn).
Bananas – I ate a lot of them.
Talking shit when we’re tired – mostly made up French, Italian and Catalan.
Nom Nom Nom.
Very tired legs.

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