Southport Weekender bound

The day has finally come. Way back when I was living in NZ I remember reading on forums and in magazines about the legendary Southport Weekender. The DJ and live line-ups, the community, the love and most of all the music. Years ago I could only dream of going. It was on the other side of the world –  the cost of a trip just to Southport was out of the question. But, you never know what life can serve up. I’ve made choices over the last 10+ years that mean I’m here in the UK and about to embark on a journey to a place I dreamed about.  That may sound corny but house, disco, soul and dance music is so central to my life it really feels like a pilgrimage.

It’s the 25th anniversary with an incredible line-up. I’ve done a lot of clubbing in recent times so I’ve a broad idea what it might be like, but expectations are high. I hope to hear lots of house classics, plenty of new music and impressive performances. Best of all I’ll be with my amazing partner, great friends and 6500 people who are there only for the love of house and dance. And, after 6 weeks of rain, the sun has come out ready to shine on us for 3 days.

I wondered which track to post that I’d love to hear and I’ve my fingers crossed that Frankie Knuckles may just drop this on us in the wee small hours of Saturday morning. Stone. Cold. Classic.

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