Time for some Disclosure

I recently blogged Jessie Ware’s “Runnin”.  A contender for single of the year if ever I heard one. On the flip of that is the Disclosure remix which took it in a seriously new direction. Disclosure are brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence from Croydon in South London. Named after a randomly selected word on Guy’s car tax renewal form, they’ve got musical parents and have been making music all their (so far short) lives. Grabbing from grime, house, Motown, soul and UK garage – their sound is all of that and very, very now.  I’ve often yearned for the return of the speed garage sound and maybe these two are the ones to break it out again? Check out Flow below. Top stuff.

New EP ‘The Face’ is coming out 4 June and features the gorgeous “Boiling’ ft Sinead Harnett.


Disclosure Facebook

Disclosure Soundcloud

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2 Responses to Time for some Disclosure

  1. ed williams says:

    we recently found a new Blog address for Disclosure from their soundcloud page! http://disclosureuk.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. Brooke says:

    L O V E !

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