The Whitney tribute night

Tonight, we popped down to our local pub for their 8th birthday night – it promised some 80s and 90s house and good times. It was a little patchy actually, but some stellar tunes were dropped, namely Alison Limericks “Where Love Lives” (a tune I could listen to all night), Ten City “That’s the way love is” , Shannon “Let the music play”, and Mariah’s “Dreamlover” (amazing). Then it seems a lot of Whitney was being played. I saw a guy on the dancefloor pass his phone to a stranger to read what was on the screen. I guessed something had happened, then it dawned on me as Whitney toon after Whitney toon was played. We’ve lost her. And we were at an impromptu tribute night.  And while I can’t say I was a massive fan and I loved everything she did, I respect that voice. But she was troubled.

We’ll have weeks and months of tributes and there will inevitably be questions and speculation about her death. But, whether you agreed with how she lived her life, it always came back to the legacy that she leaves and that’s her talent. She had a gift, a voice, a shining light that captivated millions. We all desperately wanted her comeback in 2009 and tour to be successful. Actually “Million Dollar Bill” was great. She dropped some soul on us, and threw down that voice. I recall a moment or two on the dancefloor with that song. But sadly, the hits didn’t come and we all relegated her to whatever the media told us about her. Her light has gone out.  R.I.P girl – you’ll live on.

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