Poets from outer space

In a slightly close encounters, space-age, alien-themed, pre-prometheus kinda way, here’s a couple of tunes from outer space. First up and heard on the dancefloor courtesy Miss Honey Dijon (I’m sure I’ve lathered on about how great she is). The track is from the album Planet Asia (buy it here)

Foremost Poets “You’re Surrounded” (buy it)

The spoken lyrics talk about the earth being surrounded and under threat and to put your hands up. That’s in the ‘you’re under arrest’ way and the ‘…for detroit’ way. And is that a tap dance percussion loop in there? Funky stuff indeed.

Second up is something new about Mars from Leo Zero “A Billion Years Ago”. Brand new on his 2012 label Leo Trax and with a free if you’re quick .wav download(s) from his site. Inspired by the vibe on the floor at the legendary Back to Basics party in Leeds. Get on the floor more Leo and make tracks like this, which bodes well for the album. It’s deep booty shakin’ house at its best.

Get it quick: Leo Zero ” A Billion Years Ago”

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