So, here’s the thing. I’ve followed a few pop blogs in 2011 in the vain hope that something worth listening to would surface. And sadly, very little grabbed my attention in any way. The domination of Gaga, Britney, Perry drove me to distraction but I was determined not to cast hate on music I didn’t like as millions seemed to love 2011 pop. But thankfully, a few friends, XOLondon and some uber-informed bloggers turned me onto Will Young late in the piece. I got the album for a Eurostar trip and settled into my comfy seat to listen. What a delight – no trance, no cheese, just warm, sophisticated pop music produced by the wonderful Richard X. I slept on his album Echoes for a while but glad I’ve found it. Plus, he was quite good in the TV series Bedlam. Here’s my favourite song from the album “I Just Want A Lover”.

Will Young “I Just Want A Lover”

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  1. I keep playing this! Won’t stop anytime soon

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