House producers I’m watching this year

I’m constantly surprised by the creativity of new music artists, always finding new sounds or incorporating old sounds into new ways that surprise me and get my attention. Being out of work at the mo, I’ve had plenty of time to listen to (and buy) lots of new music online – so here’s some I like.

Linkwood. Back in September 2009 Linkwood delivered their album System with a couple of my favourite tracks of that year; Falling (beautifully referencing 80s band Total Contrast’s synth bass) Fudge Boogie and the Roy Ayers sampling slow-burner Tears. Buy the album, it’s superb.  They return in May 2011 with a three track EP From the Vaults Part 1. You can check out clips Soundcloud. I’m most excited about Dirty Love though.

Nicholas. Having known a couple of Nicholas remixes particularly his mix of Mario Basanov’s “Up” in a Defmix style – I noticed his new album on a visit to Phonica Records. From Perugia, Italy, he has expertly crafted some sampled house and soul vocals into wikkid slo-house grooves.  Check out D-Vote deftly dropping in Ten City and deep old school house bassline – and my current obsession Feels Like – who knew Sade could sound even more delicious?  He’s got a new EP Bring Back due out soon…I. Must. Have.

Rotciv. I’ve been following Rotciv for quite a while now, after discovering some of his edits. He’s from Brazil and manages Mister Mistery records, a label focused on disco and house music and its substyles, particularlly regarding old and classic influencies from 70s to 00s.  It might have been Sending All my Flight that first caught my ear – he’s gone on to deliver some very smooth edits and original tracks. High on my acquire list is the new EP Classic Age.

Toomy Disco. Toomy Disco, aka Marin Iliuta, is a producer from Argentina. His debut album “Bedroom Tricks” is an expertly crafted example of the big Nu-Disco explosion and is already being championed by the likes of Tensnake, M.A.N.D.Y., Dubfire and Annie Mac. Plus he’s only 22 years old!  From straight up disco house to slo-mo stuff such as Age of the Jaguar – it’s just all good. Track him down.

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