R.I.P. CD singles

It’s finally happened, well, about to happen. Mercury Records is to abolish to production of CD singles. No big deal is I guess what most would say. But for me this harks back to the good old days of record stores, vinyl and searching for that elusive tune or mix. Plus, like vinyl, the CD single brought artwork, information and with dance singles, often mixes unavailable elsewhere or all collected together to make the most of the space on a CD.

Purchasing music is more instant now, it’s easier to find some obscure mixes, but an MP3 or dreaded iTunes quality version doesn’t cut it for sound quality. I’ll stop ranting about that now. I’ve a large collection of singles from the late 80s onwards and will never sell them. Never fear, you can still buy singles online via eBay or Matt’s CD Singles and other such sites.  Pictured is the wonderful “Good Life” by Inner City. Do you have a treasured single?

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