Drop Out Orchestra

I’ve been following Drop Out Orchestra for a short while and the lads from Sweden have firmly established themselves as top notch producers/re(mix)editors or whatever you call people who make great music.  Check out February’s Mix session for some proper disco goodies. They’ve also re-swizzled Rick Astley and Robyn into deep disco workouts. Also check out Drop Out City Rockers “International Track” (buy) – a monster Daft Punk rework.  Their album “We Are Dropouts” is out and it’s a beauty. The track below by Kinema “My Beautiful Machines” is out Monday 14th digitally and it won’t come quick enough. This is real nu-disco.

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1 Response to Drop Out Orchestra

  1. Kate Billing says:

    Loving the crazy Scandos of late, these guys included. There’s a fun ‘mixtape’ free podcast of music that get’s their groove on Cosmic Disco (www.cosmicdisco.co.uk and iTunes) from October last year.

    Thanks for this wee gem, DB, gorgeous start to the day.

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