Scritti Politti new song

After 2006’s White Bread, Black Beer album we’ve not heard much from Scritti Politti. Feb 28 sees the release of “Absolute: A collection of words and music” – a retrospective with the obligatory new tracks. Here is one of the two “Day Late and a Dollar Short”. I agree with Vinny Vero (who is more than somewhat excited about this song) that it’s perfect pop fitting nicely between the sounds of 1985s marvellous “Cupid and Psyche” and one of my all time favourite albums “Provision” from 1988. Pure Scritti, intelligent lyrics and stomping melodic pop – I cant wait to hear this in proper CD quality.  The hits album art (above) deftly references their earlier covers. Lovely stuff.

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3 Responses to Scritti Politti new song

  1. bethellbethell says:

    Bad publicity on the Scritti front. I had no idea this was out! And just found out there are two (already sold out) gigs this month. Boo!
    Great song though and as ever always on the ball.

  2. xolondon says:

    This has grown on me- and I love how his voice has not really aged.

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