Kym Mazelle returns

Kym Mazelle's new album

For those old enough or who still care about house music, will surely know Kym Mazelle. She rose to fame in the late 80s with a run of popular house songs from her album “Crazy” (1989) produced by Marshall Jefferson (Move Your Body – the house music anthem and  for producing Ten City, CeCe Rogers and Sterling Void… a house legend). She also had a massive hit with Soul II Soul “Missing You” But for me it was always about the house Kym…

Kym recently did a short gig at our favourite London bar/club Eagle for a regular 80s/90s night ‘Carpet Burn’. Something odd happened to the sound mix for her PA but she belted out “Got To Get You Back”, “Was That All It Was” (the brilliant David Morales mix version), an uber-fierce “Useless”, “Wait” and “Young Hearts Run Free”. She said she hadn’t sung those house songs in 20 years. Later in the night she was signing copies of her new CD, seven tracks of soul and house. We had a chat and she’s working a lot of corporate gigs so said it was great to perform the old tracks to a room of people who knew them and all the words.  She went around her manager to do the gig as she wanted to do it for her fans and had heard of Eagle – so the treat was ours. Those who follow me on twitter will know that this was also the night I met Holly Johnson on the dancefloor. I gibbered away and he hugged me which was great.

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