2020 Vision Party

My expectations were high for the 2020 Vision Party Saturday 14 August at Village Underground in Shoreditch. I’d heard great things about the space (tick= uber warehousey) and with a line up of 2020 label artists including: 2020Soundsystem plus sets from Crazy P Soundsystem (a DJ set which in my mind is not a soundsystem), Motor City Drum Ensemble, Julien Chaptal, Simon Baker, and the boss himself, Ralph Lawson.

We arrived to a massive queue and waited an hour to get in – the entrance is through the smoking area which is always a classy way to start the night – only to miss Ralph Lawson’s set 😦 We found a way to the one-room floor and settled in to warm up with Motor City Drum Ensemble. The sound mix in the room was appalling – all bottom end and top with no mids – so any discernable subtlety in the tracks was gone and many tracks unrecognisable. He did manage to play a lot of acid and early techno and house. I remember recognising French Kiss from the drum roll at the intro – and that’s it. Crazy P was up next and despite the band set up in front – it was a DJ gig from Jim Baron. By this time the crowd was very messy and hardly anyone was dancing or caring. So….we bailed. We were rewarded though with many random people and heaps of laughs, the ugliest podium dancing guys you ever saw, a persistent but very friendly and increasingly blatant drug dealer, another guy with his face in bandages, guys in blond wigs, and a very hard random “pill-head” neck massage from a young guy who thought I was as high as he was. He did point out afterwards that was his girlfriend, perhaps he thought I was keen. Hilarious. I was hugely disappointed as I wanted it to be great – but it’s all about getting out there.

What’s next I wonder?

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