Dennis Ferrer @ MOS

My move to London was always going to be about some great clubbing experiences. You’ll have read about the Loft Party, and this weekend it was the turn of Dennis Ferrer at Ministry of Sound.  A legendary club and one of the best in the world apparently, we had to check it out. Several friends had raised eyebrows about attending this club mostly because it has/had a reputation for being very young and commercial. The reality is that MOS are reinventing their brand and focusing on quality line-ups and event driven nights, such as the Objectivity night ( Dennis’ label). That said, there were plenty of weird young clubbers and all kinds of people there – at times it was almost as if a tourist bus had turned up, with random people standing around.

Anyway, Mark and Leigh and I arrived about around 11.30. The bar was filling up as The Juan McLean was busting out a DJ set of nu-disco/house. We had a few laughs at the stag party complete with printed, dated group t-shirts – musing about the lack of Hens only to see them later. Meanwhile the music was great as we waited for the main room to open.

So, on to Dennis Ferrer. The room opened at around 12.30 and filled up quickly. Dennis was first up dropping solid New York House. Marlon D “The Breeze” , tracks from his album “The World as I See It” “Underground is My Home” leading up to the very big but slightly overplayed tune of the moment “Hey Hey”. The MOS sound system is fantastic – deep rumbling bass and crsip top complete with good mids. There was more great house until I left for a drink stop to return to the main room with Chic’s “I Want Your Love” we he craftily looped out of and back into the house. The energy picked up and Dennis was now smashing the room. A good Dj can surprise as he did with a crazy-ass remix of Shirley Bassey’s “Big Spender” – with Dennis singing along. From there the room went crazy to Sinfonia Della Notte and the place was banging.

Dennis introduced the Martinez Brothers from NYC who took it a little deeper then lifted back into straight up New York House. Dennis was hanging at the side of the booth so I took the opportunity to thank him and shake his hand. All around a brilliant gig – which has set the blueprint for house parties in London. There’s more to come – Lovebox Festival  next weekend.

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2 Responses to Dennis Ferrer @ MOS

  1. BKC says:

    Wow what an epic night… “Underground is my Home” has always been my fave. Well that and of course “Son of Raw”. Did he play that? Possibly my most precious piece of vinyl. Possibly. Thanks for the text!

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