Windin’ your way down on Baker Street

Only a couple of days ago I was doing just that…winding my way down Baker Street. I decided just to take the tube there and do that.  Gerry Rafferty’s lyrics

“This city desert makes you feel so cold,  It’s got so many people but it’s got no soul.
And it’s taking you so long, To find out you were wrong, When you thought it had everything”

from his 1978 hit, don’t exactly ring true with my take on London so far. I’ve come here not to find that it has everything, but to find and explore some different things.

The famous saxophone intro hook was actually planned as a guitar solo, but the guitarist was not available. The session saxophonist Rafael Ravenscroft mentioned he had an alto sax in the car so recorded the part. It resulted in a rise in sax sales and the use of the instrument in further songs. There’s two tempos for the song too – one normal speed for the album City to City and the other sped up for the radio edit to fit the radio time allotment.

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