We’re approaching the northern summer, so a few pop artists are at the ready with new material.

Kylie has announced a new single in June. She’s been in the studio with Stuart Price, a great pop producer, however as pop continues to innovate and flex, its time to switch it up and innovate. As evidenced by Christina’s new single, tossing out an electro/urban club track isn’t quite enough and dressing in increasingly futuristic, avant-garde outfits is fast becoming de-riguer. Gaga has created something of a butterfly effect with videos – all good, but without great songs it’s just pretty images.

That said, here’s  Kelis’ album cover for Fleshtone. Sexy and a bit Grace Jones… dont you think. She’s being talked up to be the pop-diva of 2010 – we’ll see once the album drops. David Guetta is involved so my expectations are low, even though I do think Acapella is a hottie.

Spread like butter across all the pop blogs this week has been a cut from the Scissor Sister’s new album. It’s the album closer called “Invisible Light”. I’ve never been a fan of the Sisters, but this is just classic pop music. Referencing (very well) Frankie Goes to Hollywood, New Order, Pet Shop Boys and general 80s-ness, it’s a total banger. Ian McKellen does the ZTT-styled spoken word bit in the middle then there’s a stunning pop-drop back into the song. The boyfriend turned and smiled with a look that said “wow – cool” when he heard it. It bids well for the album. I’d use the Popjustice/XOLondon term a.m.a.z.i.n.g. if it weren’t so overused now.

My faith in pop is slightly restored, as it was upon hearing/seeing the fantastic Gorillaz Stylo. I love the moment where Bruce Willis looks at the camera.

Intriguing pop music has emerged from iamamiwhoami. Who, what, you ask? With several arty, dark virals over the last few months, speculation was rife in blogville about who this might be. Christina Aguilera was the front runner for a while due to her bottom teeth being the exactly the same, as evidenced in stills. I wanted it to be her, alas its not. We’ve had two ‘songs’ now and they’re very European, woody, moody pop.  She got my attention and I’m interested to see where she goes. Apparently her name is Jonna Lee – and she kinda reminds me of a female Jonsi – another very creative artist

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