Disco Discharge

Later this month sees the start of the release of the next four (count ’em) double CDs in the Disco Discharge series. I’ll be heading to my local record store on Monday 7 June to get them all. An experience I’m looking forward to – actually buying a physical release on the first day.

Mr Pinks, a disco devotee from Brighton (who perhaps I shall meet when there in August) compiled these, now eight, editions when I thought the disco compilation format had expired all the great tracks. However, his thoughtful compiling and sequencing of some rare, some not-so-rare tracks means they feel fresh and new.

The four new volumes, each of which focuses on a specific sub-genre of disco, are entitled Diggin’ Deeper, European Connection, Disco Boogie and Pink Pounders. That last one is clearly the gay disco edition. Each release is a two-disc package, consisting of around 20 tracks. Many of the tunes are out of print or generally hard to find, and almost all of them are original 12-inch or extended versions. Liner notes for the series are written by Alan Jones, co-author of the book Saturday Night Forever: The Story of Disco. Great cover art for the series too.

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