Girls rule…

Three videos have come to my attention this week.  Sadly, very little gets my full attention lately – most pop has become US-style electro-meets-urban or Australia-style electro-meets-guitars.  Much soul I’m finding sleepy, hip hop has become house and not in a good way.  First up is the new Kelis joint (can I use that term if I’m white?) Acapella. In a complete shocker, its David Guetta produced and not entirely terrible. She looks great and has some very cool threads – but is it the Gaga influence?

Next up is the law-breaking (?) defining, and groupthinking video from Erykah Badu “Window Seat”. YouTube wont let me link to it  (it contains content from Universal Music Group)…lord knows I’d promote their artist – so there you go. Go find it and watch in awe.

And finally…the increasingly fabulous Janelle Monae with “Tightrope”. Exhibiting her usual manic energy, this is just outstanding modern soul music. Her new (kind of debut) album The Arch Android drops on the 18th of May 2010.

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