From Soul to Deep House

I’ve taken a tiny break away from the music in the last week, with another project occupying my thoughts – although my faith in house music was restored after attending a great gig on Saturday 27th by deep house legend Charles Webster. He played a brilliant set – not banging,  just sophisticated house grooves. Toon of the night for me was probably Omar S and Stevie Wonder “I’m Feeling You” Henrik Schwarz mix.

Perhaps many dont know Charles , so I thought I’d let you know my journey to Charles and to deep house which goes like this:

  • Following my obsession with Soul II Soul –  I bought Massive Attack’s seminal album Blue Lines in 1991 specifically for Unfinished Sympathy which featured the vocals of Shara Nelson
  • This lead me to seek out her debut album –and the single Down That Road from 1993 written by Prince Be from P.M Dawn – but more on them later. It was released on CoolTempo records – at the time the home of Adeva – and don’t start me on her amazingness. Paul Oakenfold actually did some fantastic remixes for these artists.


  • In February 1999 Charles Webster‘s released his Presence project album, All Systems Gone, which featured two tracks with vocals by Shara: “Matter of Fact” and “Sense of Danger”. The album was preceded by the single “Sense of Danger”, which received critical acclaim on the deep house scene and reached #61 in the UK Singles Chart in November 1998.  Shara Nelson is reportedly working with Charles Webster for her new, as-yet-untitled solo album. They are also working on tracks for a new Presence/Charles Webster album; both are to be released this year – very exciting.

 So, there is the route from Soul II Soul to deep house. Not a great leap  – but when I hear something that moves me, I research it and seek out other stuff around the edges which leads me to great new music. Easy huh?

The other toon that has caught my ear this last week is:

Yolanda Be Cool / DCUP “We No Speak Americano”

It defies genre – just a crazy-mad party tune out of Australia which I think we’re going to hear a lot of.

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1 Response to From Soul to Deep House

  1. Lelo says:

    “Down that road” is a fantastic tune, as is Charles Webster’s work… glad a great deep house set was finally played at Ink!

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