Tired of playing that waiting game…

What waiting game? What am I waiting for? Create the momentum you have.

Joey Negro “Beyond The Dance” (Revenge Demo Mix/Superbreak Edit)

The first of three this week is a re-edit of a new Joey Negro track “Beyond The Dance” – but the dependable Revenge and Superbreak (a new fave producer outta Australia). Slo-mo goodness with just enough vocal to lift it. You can listen and download below.

Social Disco Club – Acid Town

Last weekend, the 80s party and DJ set was a blast – who knew a Stock Aitken Waterman mini-set would fill the floor with men screaming and hollering like 12 year old girls. Such uplifting, positive music though from a more innocent genre-free time Ahhh bless.

Also dropped was this cheeky, authentic edit of Lipps Inc. FunkyTown. Some looping, acid and stretching do the business here – very faithful to the original it is.  Social Disco Club is Humberto Matias  from Porto, Portugal and he’s had a host of excellent releases.

Check out his remix of Don Carlos “Alone” freaking great deep house/disco on the balearic tip.


Discolexic – Feel Like Gettin Down

This is an edit of an old Billy Ocean song Nights (Feel Like Getting Down) from 1981 – his first his in the U. He was part of the UK soul thing which included Loose Ends, Imagination  and Junior – but when signed to Jive/RCA he went commercial and everyone knows Carribean Queen. Mmmm. He’s changed his look somewhat (left)

From Discolexic Edits Vol 3; waaaay back in 2008. Slept on it? Hell yeah. Discolexic is a disco punk techno funk producer/ DJ from London. I’ll watch him I reckon. While lookin into this track I found that Stonebridge from Sweden had also re-edited it in 1988!  A solid groove it is then.

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