Happy Days, Faith and a Penthouse

Rodney Hunter – Faith (Hunter Recordings, 2009)

Fitting nicely between the white satin sheets of disco and the black groove of House – this will file neatly next to Crazy P or under funk and boogie.  Smooth strings over the chic jangley guitar- all you need really. This is from the very funky compilation Vienna Scientists V- The 10th Anniversary out of Austria.  Check out Rodney’s MySpace

Rodney’s career spans 20 years starting off as an underage bassist of the Austrian band “Mordbuben AG”, later on becoming a member of the legendary The Moreau’s along side Peter Kruder, DJ DSL and Sugar B, leading him to launching his own label and production company Uptight with Werner Geier, receiving a Grammy nomination with Uptight Productions, delivering remixes for Doug E. Fresh, Freakpower, Cornershop and Shantel.

Martin Virgin vs. Sth Express – Happy Days (Roberto Rodriguez Mix)

I’ve been buggin’ on Martin Virgin for a while now.  24 Hours 24 Minutes,  Trippin to the Stars and Mood for Dancin have not left the iPod in ages. Deep house if I had to assign it to a genre.Happy Days is remixed by Roberto Rodriguez who is from Finland and doing all sorts of great stuff himself. Check him out here

Martin hails from Vilnius, Lithuania – I can’t find too much info about him. Lithuania is the home of Downtown Party Network and newcomers Lithuanian House Mafia.


Penthouse 4 – Bust This House Down (the Turnaround mix) 1988

I had this on a double- cassette compilation from the late 80s called The Greatest Hits of House. In my sales rep days I remember playing it in my car with my boss as we drove south on a business trip and he was well impressed with this new ‘house’ sound. I think he even copied the cassette! The mixes on that were short edits with John Shafts Radio edit of Bust This House Down being the version on there. I’ve since tracked down the compilation on CD. Still has edits 😦

This toon samples heaps of house records “Move Your Body” and “House nation”, has the old call and response thing, orchestra stabs, house piano chords, black vocal – talk about the kitchen sink. It does define the early Chicago house sound though. If anyone has the extended John Shaft mix – please point me in the direction.


For those inclined to need to check out more early house – here is a blog post from hell – 14 CDs worth of classic house.

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