Three a week

Malcolm McLaren – Waltz Darling (extended mix)

Malcolm created an album based on combining waltzes and classical with dance, and was surprisingly successful. The album is great, still, and I’ve chosen the title track because of its loping groove, superb orchestral sampling and the fabulous lyric “Hellzapoppin’, when I’m waltzing, in my stockings”.

The other classic from the album is “Deep in Vogue” which predates Madonna’s Vogue (essential) by a couple of years. You need to own the Banji Realness mix though – trust me. Maybe some more on voguing (sp?) later….

Messalina – Creamy (Lucci Capri Edit) (Messalina, 2009)

So heres a proper nu-disco toon. It could an edit of a 70s toon – but I can’t find much info about it. Purchased from the increasingly-reliable-to-have-great (nu)disco/edits Juno Downloads.

If I were ever to be DJing again, you would hear me play this.

Download: Messalina \”Creamy\”

Martin Brodin and Dumb Dan – Blood Stud (Gomma, 2010)

Now for some house…cos’ I’ve been far too focused on the past.  From the DanceTracks E.P.2 – these guys are from Sweden and this tracks is described on the Gomma site as a Skandanavian minimal funk out – or ‘discoid house’  – do we have a new genre?

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