Three A Week

Mario Basanov “Do You Remember” (6th Borough Project Vocal and Downtown Party Network mixes)

Mario Basanov is(from Lithuania. 6th Borough Project is Craig Smith and Graham Clark (also known as The Revenge, who has totally dominated ‘best of lists’ and ‘ones to watch’ in the last year. Disco re-edits seemed to open the door for remixers to take elements and structure of house and early techno and add that funk-based disco sound to create what is currently called nu-disco, but  I’d call it  deep house.

Anyway – back to the track….I’m a bit late on this (in blogosphere terms anyway) as this is a few months old now – but its the usual slo-burning,soulful, deepness I’ve come to expect from these guys. Total class. And Downtown Party Network pull out another remix gem – summertime indeed.

Mario Basanov Do You Remember

LCD Soundsystem “45:33” (Theo Parrish Space Cade Mix)

Just awesome – again I’m a bit late on this mix, but had another mix – not nearly as good as this.

Frankie Knuckles and The Shapeshifters “The Ones You Love” (Nocturnal 2009)

I first heard this track on Joey Negro’s December mix and remember thinking it sounded like a classic Frankie song. It wasn’t until I saw the tracklist that I realised it was indeed. The Shapeshifters connection would normally have put me off – but instead its not cheesey, just a great soulful vocal house track.  Maybe Frankie’s back on form?

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