Yo’ my momma Roisin

The amazing Roisin Murphy returns with another new song “Momma’s Place” out now on iTunes.

This song follows another release a couple of months back “Orally Fixated” which was kind of a teaser – well, a total teaser really with the opening lyric…”eat me”. Apparently, Roisin has no record deal however an album is planned but not scheduled anytime soon. Like many artists, she’s releasing songs for us to enjoy – excellent, although a Roisin Murphy album is much more than songs, its creative artwork and surprising, stylish videos.  She is somewhat of a clothes horse (in a good way) wearing top designers and appearing on the runway and at fashion shows. Check her blog.

Roisin Murphy’s “Momma’s Place” EP is out on iTunes now. The release includes the original radio edit plus mixes by Bongo Boys, Kanji Kinetic and Shake Aletti.  Momma’s Place is a wee belter of 90s sounds, piano, orchestra stabs, snare rolls, is that a Domino Dancing riff? , a bit Real McCoy at times but heaps better. 

For those may not know Roisin, she was the lead singer of Moloko and has been solo for a while. 2007s Overpowered album is still fresh. Produced partly by Seiji, of Bugz in the Attic, and featuring Mark de Clive Lowe, Mike Patto (Reel People), EricKupper, Andy Cato (Groove Armada) excellent stuff. Go and you tube the videos for “You Know Me Better” and the totally mad John Waters tribute “Movie Star”, and of course “Overpowered”.

There’s a great interview over here at Out Magazine

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