Three a week

My favourite 3 tracks for the week ending 17 Jan…

Tape to Tape – “The Devil Made Me Do It (1)” (Relish , 2010)

From the EP of the same name with three versions (listen and buy it – it’s cheap), 1 is the version for me. Tape to Tape are UK duo formerly called The Devil Made Me Do it. Kicking off with an electronic 80s-referencing octave bass line, then straight into house piano and squiggly synths before unleashing some (remixed Strings of Life-like) orchestra stabs and acid.  It almost epitomises what I’d call the nu-house sound emerging –  sounds old, but very 2010. I will go crazy to this on the dancefloor.

MiGHty mOUse – “Fascinate Me ” (Music Response, 2009)

This song is kind of pop, kind of electronica borrowing production from the synth-bassline-sounds of tech house/ nu disco. From the Disco Circus: Volume 1 compilation (listen then buy it) (or on iTunes)which includes one of my favourite-ever Chic songs (coming up later). Every time I hear this I think it’s what I’d like Lisa Stansfield to be doing now. MiGHty mOuse are a couple of mice with electronic instruments, tiny drums, pianos, guitars, some sampling equipment and other cool music stuff that mice can use.

Mighty Mouse have also remixed the classic Bent track “Always” – one which didn’t need remixing but has been updated for 09/10 just right. Beyonce even gets some mOUse-mix action action – you can forage for that one.

Walter Jones – I Am Loved (Permanent Vacation, 2009)

From the excellent compilation “If This Is House I Want My Money Back” out on Permanent Vacation is this wonderful, deep track I Am Loved.  Warm synth bass – music for sunshine which fortunately in Auckland we have a lot of. Hahaha.

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