Disco Discharge

My Christmas present to myself was the cool new compilation series Disco Discharge. The 4 double CDs are split into categories which showcase songs from the very diverse range of disco.

  • Disco Ladies
  • Classic Disco
  • Gay Disco and Hi NRG
  • Euro Disco

Firstly, you shouldn’t underestimate the joy in browsing the store (Real Groovy), delighting in the surprise of finding the whole series in stock, deciding whether to splash out by checking each track to see if I already have it, then buying.  Plus, there’s cover art, cardboard sleeves and liner notes. I miss liner notes with MP3s. What’s not to like huh?

Secondly, the series has a great blend of obscure tracks alongside some very well known classics such as Silver Conventions “Get Up And Boogie” and Manhatten Transfers “Twightlight Zone”. 

And finally, all versions are remastered from the original tapes (some using the original 1/4 inch master tapes which had to be baked in an oven (!) to return them to their former glory) and are original 12” or extended versions. Perfect.

For someone who has A LOT of disco, compilations are often not worth buying as they feature the same old songs – but this series has grabbed some real gems. It also helps lead me to discover a few other artists who I wasn’t aware of or had overlooked.  One such gem is Kim Hart’s Love At First Night Kim Hart was born in Auckland, New Zealand on 9th May 1960. She was the lead vocalist in the Penrose High School Band, Chalkdust, and with that band, entered the 1976 Battle Of The Bands competition, where they became finalists.

Kim also appeared in the television musical ‘Sing’, which lead to numerous appearances on NZ TV shows. 1980 saw her biggest and best known hit, “Love At First Night”. Backed with “The Singer and the Song”, it reached number 15 on the NZ charts in June. The song was also released in Australia, where it fared even better. Even though all her future releases were now issued in both countries, she was unable to match the success of “Love At First Night”. The song has that 1980s sound of Change – a good thing in my book. Anyway, I can’t think of another NZ disco artist from that era. Mark Williams perhaps? Anyone know?

You can order them here – or if you’re in Auckland, pop into Real Groovy and get Mauri to order for you.

VA – Disco Discharge. Classic Disco (2009, Harmless)
buy/pre-order @ play.co.uk | juno | phonica |amazon.com | amazon.co.uk | dustygroove.com

VA – Disco Discharge. Disco Ladies (2009, Harmless)
buy/pre-order @ play.co.uk | amazon.com | amazon.co.uk | dustygroove.com

VA – Disco Discharge. Euro Disco (2009, Harmless)
buy/pre-order @ play.co.uk | amazon.co.uk | dustygroove.com

VA – Disco Discharge. Gay Disco & Hi NRG (2009, Harmless)
buy/pre-order @ play.co.uk | amazon.co.uk | dustygroove.com

The next four CDs in the series are due for release in April 2010. I’ll be at the front of the queue.

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