Three a week

My favourite 3 tracks from the last week’s listening in no particular order. There’ll be house, soul, pop, disco or anything that catches my ear. I encourage you to buy anything you like; from wherever you shop for music…you do shop for music right?

Dan Hartman –“Love Is a Natural” (Epic, 1979)
This is an album track from the ‘Instant Replay’ album. The title track and “Countdown/This Is It” provided the big hits back in the day, but Love Is A Natural is the stand out in my opinion. Lush, big, orchestration (with harps, I love harps), a great vocal from Dan, plenty of drama and a flying flute outro. “Love is a groove that can never wear out – it’s one of the things that life’s all about”. Pick up the album if you can – totally worth it.

Listen:DL Dan Hartman – Love Is A Natural

Lovebirds – “N2Deep” (LazyDays Recordings, 2009)
Now, this track is what I want more of on the dance floor. Taking on sounds from early techno but with 2009 production and more of a floor filler than some of Lovebirds other output. Lovebirds (Sebastian Doring) is one to watch in 2010.

Azari & III – Reckless With Your Love (Permanent Vacation 2009)
A monster track which again signifies the shift in house – that being slower and referencing past sounds, in this case Inner City, Jamie Principle etc. A full vocal track again with piano and those ‘detroity’ synths, it’s about being reckless and fearless with love and life. I simply can’t play this too many times.

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  1. Brooke Casey says:

    Loving that Azari & III!

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