Disco Double Back Ep#1

Here’s our first podcast. Enjoy.

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VF Mix 113: Donna Summer by The Golden Filter

To quote Vinyl Factory “Golden Filter have put together a stirring 70-minute tribute to disco legend Donna Summer, capturing those contrasts between the rugged and the sensual, the restrained and the liberated, that turned Summer into one of the most irresistible icons of the 20th century.”

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Warwick Shorts

OMG – I’m back…no excuses, just got lazy to post, but I’m listening to and loving as much music as ever so I’ll share some tunes.

The Players Union ‘Warwick Shorts’ This wee gem popped up on Soundcloud today from these two Manchester cats. They’ve been knocking out some great edits/tunes of late but this is just smooth. I’m guessing it’s a Dionne song produced by Brothers Gibb. Love it.

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F For You

The greatness that is Disclosure continues with a new video for Settle album track ‘F For You’ featuring the guys in performance in ‘stage’.  Straight up. Buy on Google Play

But the thing that struck me seeing this video was the similarity to another great UK electronic pop duo Pet Shop Boys. The circular graphic projections remind me a little of ‘Axis’ from the new ‘Electric album, and the line-drawn faces projected remind me PSB’s Brit award performance from 2009.

And the vertical neon and shadow/silhouettes remind me also of ‘Minimal’ – which has possibly one of the best, last-one-minute of any of their tunes.

Disclosure are top pop songwriters and with more depth to their lyrics, they could certainly take the mantle, which I thought was going to be Hurts.


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Bonar Bradberry 3Two5


Here’s a summer tune for ya ears. Bonar Bradberry (stream sounds) is also part of PBR Streetgang and pops up with a great new tune remixed by Lithuania’s Mario Basanov.

Released on 8 July digitally through the consistently quality NeedWant records. I know it’s all about scheduling and stuff but I hate waiting to buy tunes like this. Want. Need. (see what I did there?) Anyway, it’s cracking!

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Magic Tape 34

MT34The Magician continues to drop brilliant monthly tapes that are, well, magic. And number 34 is no exception. As usual there’s no tracklisting, which is driving me nuts, but I can spot Todd Terje ‘Strandbar’ (Disko mix) in there, but it’s the track after that which is killing me – in a good way. Anyway, enjoy.

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Dornik – who’s Dornik?

What’s this? A new tune from Dornik – and all we know is that he was Jessie Ware’s drummer and this is out on PMR records (the cats behind Disclosure and Jessie Ware). Summer time smooth.

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